Friday, 31 July 2009

Closed shops blight for one Derby business

Here's a piece from the BBC about how one Derby business is suffering by being the one open shop amidst a sea of closed ones. This is an example of what PlymSlackSpace can stop, given support from leaseholders / owners and you...

A stitch in time...

Let's act before it's too late for Plymouth. Follow this blog to show your support, share it with your Plymothian friends and encourage them to join up too.

We need people to follow us who are
  • from Plymouth or who regularly come here
  • or owners / leaseholders of currently empty Plymouth retail properties
  • local artists
  • local people who like wandering around art galleries / displays :)
  • people who like buying art ;)
  • local people who support the whole idea, whether they intend to come along or not
  • Plymouth council members / local politicians who support the idea
  • local art groups / collectives / flickr groups / facebook groups and so on...

That's you (yes you!)

If you fall into any of these categories, help get the number of followers here up into the hundreds by following right now!

If we can get to high numbers of followers, we'll kinda force the hand of those whose hands need forcing—but in a nice way :)

So tell your friends to follow too—don't be shy about it! See those buttons below for sharing? Well, go on, get to it!

comments / suggestions / feedback welcomed and encouraged

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